Hi, I'm La Nena Mena. My mother is Dominican and dad is Puerto Rican. I am a Aquarius my birthday is February 3rd, I love to cook, dance, write songs and poetry, I free hand draw sometimes, and love trying new things. Lets just say Im very open-minded. I love to help people as well and give great advise and listen to good advise. I believe  everyone is beautiful, special and we all have a propose. Only God can judge me!

                "Love yourself no matter what....."

   More about me, favorite food is Pizza, Love anything fast and speedy, I love good movies and traveling. I was raised in Brooklyn New York. I also Lived in Rhode Island, Miami, North Carolina, Cleveland Ohio and currently reside in Atlanta Georgia where I act in films, television and web series in addition to making music... For more read the article below!!!


   Also Check out Pool Of Criminals Trailer. My character, her name is Missy. A hit women mixed in a pool of criminals. Coming Soon!

Available on link below